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One of our core solutions as a digital marketing agency is as a website design company. We offer several different website design programs for businesses and entrepreneurs using the platform WiX. Whenever we see a business without a website, we know that they would benefit greatly from having some great consultation on website design services. Let's be honest, setting up, running and managing an effective website isn't for everyone. You would rather be finding leads, creating content or simply performing the service you offer. As a website design builder, we can help you and your business by building and managing the website for you. 

I won't bore you with all the stats of why you need have a website, rather I will tell you that you are 100% losing out on clients and/or customers. The reality is that people just have a habit of looking for a website to make a buying decision. The website doesn't have to be extremely fancy but it should establish you as a leader in the industry. If you are saying I work off word of mouth only, that's great, let's highlight all of those success on your website so you can get even more word of mouth. So, if you're looking for a website company near me, we work not only the Des Moines metropolitan area but also nationally. 

As a Digital Marketing Agency, RWest Consulting has experience with designing and building outstanding websites. If you have any questions, you can reach us by signing up for a free consultation, emailing us down below or even simply calling us. Don't forget to check out our pricing options and here is to you and your entity having a successful digital marketing plan.


How does WiX Website Builder Work?

WiX Website Builder is a non-coding software platform that allows non-coding entrepreneurs to design and build their own website(s). The platform is typically the number one service with Shopify coming in at number two. WiX is a great platform that is exclusively used by RWest Consulting. The platform gives virtually anyone the opportunity creates their own website dream but that's not without a learning curve. The platform requires a great deal of know-how and it can be time consuming to learn, develop and publish effectively. 

What are some Examples of Wix Websites?

Here are two examples of WiX Websites. #1 #2 

What is Wesbsite Design E-Commerce?

Website Design E-Commerce is simply the ability for he website owner(s) to accept payments "credit cards or even ebay" through their website. Accpeting creding cards or "Merchant Services" comes with some form of percentage that will be taken by the credit card company or vendor.

Is WiX For Free worth it?

WiX Website Builder offers a free website option; however, you should know what that means. As with anything, free doesn't always mean it makes sense. The WiX for free option limits what you can do with your site. The most important of those limitations include a domain name that is virtually non-searchable on Google or any other search engine.  You can't accept payments and you cannot connect with Google Analytics. In short, WiX for Free would be for someone who is looking to create a website that won't be found on Google, rather shared through a link provided by the owner. 

How to use WiX For Website.

WiX for Website is the platform we would suggest for any entrepreneur looking to build a website. The WiX platform is jam packed with opportunity if you have the willingness and time to learn. WiX can work with nearly every industry under the sun they continually push to update the platform for its users. As new technology is introduced, WiX seems to find a way to allow for useful connections when feasible. 

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