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We specialize in managing Facebook Pages and YouTube Channels. Facebook can handle virtually any content you want to post including adding in links that that make it easy for your audience to click into. YouTube has 2 billion active users every month and 90% of consumers use YouTube videos as a basis before buying. Translation, your company is missing out if you're not tapping into that power. Creating a powerful Facebook Page and YouTube Channel takes consistency and content, both of which we can help you plot out. We define the right followers as those who are looking for what you offer and ultimately enaged enough that they want to visit your website and purchase your services.

Finding the right followers is the piece that most businesses find hard. Especially when your new and trying to find your way. It takes good content that is posted on a consistent basis. Remember, good content that follows a strict calendar release date on social media platforms that make sense for your business and brand is a receipe for success. Typically, this model isn't an overnight success but it will organically grow your base with people who like what you provide.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, RWest Consulting can help you craft and maintain your social media strategy. If you have any questions, you can reach us by signing up for a free consultation, emailing us down below or even simply calling us. Don't forget to check out our pricing options and here is to you and your entity having a successful digital marketing plan.

What is a YouTube Channel?

A YouTube Channel is where you house all of the videos you upload. It is also where you can set yourself apart on the YouTube platform. Your YouTube Channel has a lot of features that many entrepreneurs and businesses fail to take advantage of. If you are going to upload a video or want to do anything live on YouTube, you must first create your channel. 

What is YouTube For Business?

YouTube For Business is simply the act of a business or entrepreneur using YouTube to help promote what they do. Businesses can harness the power of YouTube by creating videos that help expand their brand and tell their story. If businesses can upload just one new video a week with the proper YouTube SEO attached, they can set themselves apart as industry leaders. 

YouTube Channel How To Start?

Starting a YouTube Channel isn't difficult but does require some technical skills and/or the ability to learn. Here is a complete two-hour tutorial course that was designedby Ryan West on how to do just that. RWest Consulting can also do all of this for you and you can find out more information here.

What is a YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is an important piece to not only your YouTube videos but also over YouTube Channel. The videos that you upload require a catchy headline, description and image. In addition, you need to plug your videos with good keywords or in the case of YouTube "Tags". Tags are similar to keywords and act as reference points based on what people are searching for you YouTube. You should also look having the proper "end screens" and "cards". All of the YouTube SEO terms are vital to a video succeeding and a channel thriving. Check out this YouTube tutorial playlist for more informatio and guidance. 

How and where to start a YouTube Channel?

Starting a YouTube Channel can seem a little overwhelming but it actualling isn't that difficult. That doesn't mean there isn't a learning a curve either. YouTube is popluar for content creators for many reasons and we believe that virtually every business should have a YouTube Channel. RWest Consulting can help you get started here or you can check out a full tutorial class that we provide here.

What is a YouTube Channel Creation?

Everyone who wants to upload a video to YouTube, has to have a YouTube Channel created first. Creating your YouTube Channle requires some skill and/or the ability to learn. 

What are YouTube Channel Names?

A YouTube Channel Name is what distinguishes your brand from others. It can be your business name, first name, last name (or both). It really just depends on what your YouTube strategy is. 

What is a good YouTube Keyword Tool?

The YouTube Keyword tool that we suggest is vidIQ. vidIQ offers several features that can greatly enhance your keyword research and opportunity. Here is a short tutorial video using vidIQ here.

What is the proper YouTube Channel Banner Size?

The correct YouTube Channel Banner Size must meet the following criteria: Minimum dimension for upload: 2048 x 1152 px with an aspect ratio of 16:9. At the minimum dimension, the safe area for text and logos: 1235 x 338 px. Larger images may get cropped on certain views or devices. You can use the tool Canva to help you meet these qualifications.

What is a YouTube Channel Creator?

A YouTube Channel Creator is someone or an entity who specializes in setting up YouTube Channels. In many cases, the channel creator will also manage the channel. They will produce and edit the videos created for the channel and use good YouTube SEO to help promote the videos. RWest Consulting offers this service and can help you get started today. 

What are Some Different Types of YouTube Content?

The type of YouTube Content you upload should be based on your overall strategy and/or business type. Some types of content that you could start with are business explainer videos. These videos explain what your business does, who it can help and how to get in touch. Product explainer videos are a great way to show your new audience why they need your products. Service explainer videos help build trust with your new audience. Educational videos can cover a variety of topics and are great for businesses how are looking to not only sell their products but also prevent mishaps. Employee and/or staff highlights can help show the human side of your business and also get your employees involved. When your employees are part of the videos, they are more apt to share them with their friends and family which equates to more exposure for your business. Customer testimonials are a great way to help you show much people love what you offer and again, your customers are more apt to share the video if they are involved. And lastly, videos of day-to-day operations can play well. You can get very creative with the editing of these videos. 

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