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WiX Website Pricing Guide

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Looking to build a website yourself? I highly suggest WiX Website Builder and I am not just telling you that as some random person. Well let’s be honest, I am random, however I have used WiX several times and actually have three active WiX Websites you can view —

Both of these were built using WiX and actually I have built six websites using WiX. I like many, just jumped right in to the entrepreneurial world with no training or website building background.

But that’s what WiX does, they help people like me, build and launch websites. Almost two years ago is when I launched and I did my research. WiX just kept showing up as the top do it yourself builder, over and over again. In fact, they still do today. I think that clears up if they work or not, so let’s jump into the pricing options that WiX offers!

WiX offers to payment platforms “Business eCommerce Plans” and “Website Plans”. Both allow you to build a website and both offer the same general templates. The real difference between the two is that the Business eCommerce Plans are what you want if you are going to be accepting payments through your website.

The Website Plans are for those who want a site to help with their brand or make them look legit. I have use used both and I will break down the pricing for both of them below. The key thing to remember is that WiX offers several options which is nice when you are just starting out. They essentially cater to the beginner and the large corporations.

Let’s jump in!

Business eCommerce Plans — All these plans allow you to accept payments through your website

There are four plans you can pick from under this section and each plan offers a monthly subscription or annual purchase. That is a common theme with WiX and again, it comes back to options. They offer a lot of them.

  1. Enterprise — Tailored solution, For those larger entities, Pricing is determined in private

  2. Business VIP — Get the full suite, For those who have serious website traffic, All the bells and whistles, Pricing = $56 monthly or $600 annual

  3. Business Unlimited — Grow your business, Great for beginners — I have used this one, Lots of extras, Pricing = $33 monthly or $324 annual

  4. Business Basic — Basic package to accept payments, Perfect for beginners (I have used this one), Pricing = $28 monthly or $276 annual

Website Plans — Great for showcasing a professional website

Like the business plans above, there are four plans you can pick from under this plan as well.

  1. VIP — First Priority Support, Pricing = $47 monthly or $468 annual

  2. PRO — Complete Online Branding, Pricing = $28 monthly or $276 annual

  3. Unlimited — Entrepreneurs and Freelancers — I have used this one, Pricing = $23 monthly or $216 annual

  4. Combo — For Personal Use — I have used this one, Pricing = $18 monthly or $168 annual

  5. Free - Yes there is a free version however it comes with a domain that is not common. You would want to use the free version if you are creating a landing page that won't require any payments. Perhaps like a bio sheet.

As you can see, WiX has you covered in every direction. My suggestion to you is to decide what your website is going to offer. Are you going to sell products? Once you have that nailed down, you can better asses what pricing plan makes the most sense for you.

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