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WiX Website Builder - How it Works

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

As I am writing this, I am laughing at the fact that I am able to give you my two cents on website building. Just 24 months ago, I had never attempted or even thought about building my own website. As luck would have it, fate intersected with my past and I had one of those aha moments.

You know what I mean right? That feeling when you realize that if you don’t try you will never know, and if you try hard enough, you will know even more.

That is what happened to me, and before I knew it, I was searching the web for how to become a health and wellness entrepreneur. Making a commitment to push yourself into the entrepreneurial world can be scary but the honest truth is, one you realize what you need and more importantly don’t need, it becomes drastically easier.

Before you do anything as an entrepreneur, you need to understand how to solve someone else’s problems. That’s the real secret of becoming a successful entrepreneur — solve people’s problems with your entrepreneurial solution and you or your product will be in demand. Of course, understanding that and finding your niche isn’t as simple as it sounds, but if you are persistent, you will get there.

Using the right digital tools along the way is a huge factor. If there, is one common between most beginning entrepreneurs, I would say it would be the overwhelming number of digital tools available. By digital tools I mean platforms that help you get your idea off the ground and out to the world. Remember, no one gives a shit about you are what you offer if they can’t see or hear you.

For me, the one steady I have found salvation in is with WiX Website Builder. WiX has made my life easier and also helped me understand the process of how important organic traffic is. That is, attracting new people to my content because they are searching for it. This blog isn’t meant to get in the weeds of search traffic, rather explain at a high-level what WiX is and how it can work for you.

In my first couple of weeks, I did a lot of research on “do it yourself” website builders. By “builders” I mean companies that would allow me to build my own website in a half ass easy way. I clearly didn’t have the money to hire a professional coder to build a site for me, but I also had faith that I could do it myself with the right opportunity. My research kept adding up to WiX Website Builder as the premier builder to use.

Why WiX?

The reviews were simply too good to pass up and they have nearly 100 million people using the program. I’m not always big on reviews (you never know if people are full of shit), but on this one I went with the reviews and WiX Website Builder won my bid. Two years later, five websites created and with three active I can tell you WiX Website Builders works. Actually, works extremely well.

What is WiX? WiX is an end-to-end website building platform that offers anyone under the sun, the opportunity to build and launch a website. What WiX does is allow the inexperienced to become website builders overnight.

I have a lot of hours wrapped up in WiX but that is how I operate. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have a tendency to want to understand things from beginning to end so I understand it all. You don’t have to be that way however. Simply having a little patience and a consistent plan will take your WiX Website to the top.

In addition to building your website, WiX also offers domain purchases, accepts payments if you want a store, had email marketing, has a unique app option, connects with virtually all social media, has a built-in search engine optimization (SEO) option, attaches to nearly every third-party vendor and connects with all things Google, including analytics, ads and more.

Basically, WiX offers everything you would ever need as a beginner and more. For those that have coding experience, they cater to you as well. WiX offers an option where you can actually code your website if you want. Pretty slick if you think about it.

You could have a novice builder starting out in Iowa or an experienced coding builder in England doing the same thing. WiX will allow you to build your site for FREE and only requires you to pick a plan once you are ready to launch.

Take you first WiX step here and join the part! — WiX Website Builder!

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