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WiX Website Builder

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The concept with WiX Website Builder is simple. When you build it yourself, you can make changes yourself. That is a key component that you really need to think about. You are going to make a lot of changes and try a lot of different things in your first year or two as an entrepreneur.

It is just part of the process and nearly every time you will want to make those changes quickly. When you can make those changes yourself and not have to pay for it each time – that is a no brainer. And at its core, that is what WiX Website Builder is. WiX is an all in one, beginning to end website builder and hosting company that is used by nearly 100 entrepreneurs and/or companies.

With all that said, there are a whole host of website builder/hosting companies out there. Most of them will hook you up from beginning to end but one does stand out in my opinion above the rest. In full disclosure, it is the only website builder that I have used but I will show you the value shortly, and I think it is the one you should give a whirl as well.

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That builder would be WiX of course and at this point, I believe there are over 1 million users so it is not going anywhere. In fact, they do a great job of constantly pushing for enhancements to the platform so it stays current with everything else going around in the digital space. I went with WiX for one simple reason, they had the best reviews and for someone who doesn’t always read reviews, that was a big deal for me.

Since launching my first site in June of 2019 (Fitness Made Easy) the transformation of my website knowledge grew leaps and bounds. The trick? Just jumping in and going for it with the realization that the more you practice the better you get.

That is honestly the best way to get good at using WiX and before you know it, you are able to setup a website in record breaking time.

Both of my current sites are far different in comparison but easily doable for a beginner. Doable because the features that WiX offers aren’t overly complicated to understand. There is zero coding and it is a very universal platform for entrepreneurs.


I don’t use the templates offered, I prefer to start from scratch with everything and build my own formations from the ground up. Just a little effort and you can do the same but I need to stress that WiX has more templates in different industries than you can shake a stick at. Creating a fully functioning website in a week or so is easily possible (if not sooner).

WiX has enough tools to make it easy enough for you to come right off the street and learn. That is what I did and now I have been asked to help others build their sites. I think the key to all of it is just being creative and the rest falls into place.

A real bonus of building your site through WiX, is that you learn how to update your content so that it gets organic search traffic. Remember, your website is a spot where you pick up new customers through a whole host of opportunities. Those opportunities will not present themselves if you don’t know how to strategically align them on your website.

Curious about pricing? With several options to chose from, there is an affordable option for you. Actually, WiX even has a free option if you know how to work it. I teach that in my Biz Launch Beast Beginner Entrepreneur Course - HERE!

Ryan West

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