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Website Building - 3 Ways to Be Successful

Isn’t it funny how things work out? Just three years ago, I had no idea how to buy a domain name, let alone build a website. But 36 months later I have built several personal websites and have built and developed numerous websites for clients. Turns out, you don’t know have to know how to code and it isn’t as hard as what you may think. The key is knowing where to start, what will be involved and how to get organized.

Here are 6 steps to get yourself going:

Pick a Platform

There a variety of website building platforms out there these days but I like WiX Website Builder. WiX keeps it simple while still allowing for impressive upgrades. Adding things like Blogs, Podcasts or even email marketing apps or just a few clicks a way. WiX is the most used non-coding website building platform out there and can make your website building experience a little smoother.

Create Content

You have to continually update your website with fresh content. Not every day but I suggest on a weekly basis if possible and don't go longer than a month. I see this time and time again when someone has a website built for them. They simply check it off the list and fail to continually push new content to the site. The reality is that Google likes new content that helps solve people's problems. New content will gradually start to improve yoru search engine optimization score.

Promote Your Website

This may sound like a no brainer but there are thousands if not millions of websites out there with great information that no one knows about. The reason being is that the websites don't get promoted. Simply posting your website to your social media platform(s) once a week is a great start. If you have some desire to learn the advertising game, you can also run digital ads that link back to your site.

If both of those sound way to obvious, it's because they are and business owners don't take advantage of them enough.

Bonus Tip - Hire Some of The Process Done!

Unless you have time to give, it can be kind of exhausting to learn all this at once. I know because I did just that. Pick a piece of this that sounds the least appealing and farm it out. In the end it will save you more time and most likely money. RWest Consulting can help you make that decision.

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