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Updated: Jan 27

I am going to buck the trend in this blog and really piss off a whole bunch of people. My topic is on social media for beginners and I am speaking from experience. I am nearing my two-year mark as an entrepreneur in the health and wellness space and I think it is time to share


Have I been successful? Yes and no. I have made some money, learned a ton and paid for a masters in entrepreneurship along the way, which by the way, I would never have gotten in college.

But I have also failed at a great deal and one of those failures has been at mastering social media. To be fair, I don’t know if you really ever master social media, because the playing field is tilted in favor of those who are well known before, they ever open an account.

I kind of despise the whole damn thing now that I think about it.

What makes me qualified to speak on the subject? Well, I really busted my ass trying to make a name at it. The problem? I’m not sure it was worth all the energy (and commitment) for such a little and mostly zero return on investment.

Don’t get me wrong, social media serves its purpose from a personal usage standpoint. But as a beginning entrepreneur who is trying to get their product or idea out there, no one gives a shit about what you are doing. That is of course unless you are well known, in which case you could get an applause from promoting bird houses.

The mystery behind understanding how to use social media to your advantage starts with the algorithms. There is a different one for each social media platform, and apparently no one is ever going to be able to truly crack them.

That means you, as a struggling entrepreneur are trying to climb a wall that never ends — who the hell wants to do that? Let us not forget the social media experts who will tell us what we are doing wrong or not enough of. Honestly, don’t they just say the same things over and over?

For instance, make sure to post at least two to three times a day, which is damn near impossible. You know why? Because most new entrepreneurs set up the standard five social media accounts, that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and maybe Snapchat.

I don’t have a calculator but I’m pretty sure that equals at least 10 to 20 posts a day, which means you are posting nearly 100 things a week. Do you know how much time that takes?

Oh wait, just invest in a social media scheduling platform to help schedule it all for you! That will also eliminate all the headaches! The fuck it does.

In fact, it takes more of your time and do you know why? Because you have to be a technology geek to understand how to use the scheduling platform you just invested in.

But wait, I see a unicorn from afar that can help you!

Yes, I got it, you can simply hire someone to help you do it all! Oh shit, I forgot that 99.9% of all new entrepreneurs don’t have the money to pay for that help. So, guess what, your right back to where you started — posting 100 times a week. The whole thing is so ridiculous and I imagine if you are living in that world now like I did several times over, you will find that it is just as draining.

Do you ever complain to yourself with phrases like this? The engagement I want isn’t there. I am not getting any followers. The likes I do get are from a robot who is also trying to get me to send money to some type of scam in the Middle East.

Damn, I got it!

You just need to start adding up to 20 hashtags per post! Seriously, is there a bigger pain in the ass (at least this one is free) then adding hashtags?

When is the last time you woke up and the first thing you said was, mother fucker, I am excited as hell to see who is using #BananaTree today? More like #givemeabreak

My absolute favorite though?

The one standard that all of us who are trying to live out are creative dreams hear more than anything else is, that you have to post more engaging content.

I have posted some engaging stuff around my brain tumor survival (yes seriously), but do you know what I have found? People would rather watch a horse fuck a donut. That gets engagement. Perhaps my comments were a little tongue and cheek but the process has changed how I do business. You simply can’t get caught up in the social media wheel of death when you are starting out.

I would suggest you are better served to focus on great content around the keywords that people are searching for each day, and find your organic holes that you can capitalize on.

Social Media is a popularity contest where organic traffic equals customers finding you because they want to use your product. Are there people making social media work?

Sure, but it takes a lot of luck in my opinion and even then, you have to seriously look at is it worth your time?

Your time is valuable and could be better spent in understanding how search engine optimization works. Remember, people use Google to solve their problems. That is where you want to pop up with your product. If you are going to stick with social media, pick one outlet and get really good at it for a year.

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