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Keyword Research Tool - The Best One

Before I give you my logic on this one, I must say that in my opinion, the number one digital marketing reason that entrepreneurs and businesses fail is because of a lack of keyword research and usage. Keywords are the heart of successful search engine optimization and you have to have a fundamental foundation of how it works.

In its simplest explanation, keywords are simply the words that are being searched for on search engines like Google or Bing. Since I like to just focus on Google, we will use them in this example. When you search for anything on Google, it will pull up results based on what you entered. How to make a dog house, restaurants near me, 24-hour gyms, etc. are all examples.

Google will in turn go out provide you answers that closely match your search. As a business, your job is to fight to show up in those searches so the customer can pick you and use your service. Where you can greatly enhance your opportunity of showing up is through keyword research.

Keyword research is the art of finding keywords in your niche market that have good search value each month with low competition. Actually, Google offers a tool called Google Keyword Planner that is free but I prefer something that can do a little more. I highly recommend the tool Ubersuggest.

I don't get paid by Ubersuggest, rather I just believe it can help a lot of new entrepreneurs or even digital marketers who are looking for an edge. Ubersuggest has a great keyword research tool that allows you search based on volume and competition. You can even download the list and use it as a guide to create content around.

Remember, find good keywords and exploit them with great content on your website. Google will eventually present that content in the forms we explained above. Ubersuggest can help you get started.

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