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How to Start a Good Podcast

Updated: Mar 20, 2022


When you have time, use your phone to see how many podcasts are out there. Over 1.5 million to be exact and let me tell you, it is only getting more competitive. As new shows launch every week and out of work movie stars jump in the game, the landscape be changing my friends.

Let’s be honest, that doesn’t mean there are more good shows to listen to. In fact, I would suggest that more podcasts only waters down things which is why it is so important that your podcast idea be groundbreaking. If you are wanting to interview people who dress like Superhero’s and fight crime at night, do it with video so your guest can be seen.

You have to really think out of the box. When I launched my podcast “Revealing Healing Motivational Health Stories” it was definitely not unique but had some different flavor with the amount of adversity that people had to overcome. What I quickly learned was that more than anything, you have to create a story. We have all grown up on stories which means we trust them.

Here are six secrets that you need to know when you are starting out.

Secret 1

Podcasting from 2011 is long gone in more ways than meets the eye. Sure, we are 9 years removed but more than that, the podcast world has accelerated at speeds that are hard to keep up with. Much of the content out there on how to be a successful podcaster is outdated.

You can’t just launch a show and get an advertiser anymore.

Secret 2

Getting consistent listeners is a fucking grind. Sure, your family and friends will listen in the beginning and your mom no matter what you release, but gaining new listeners week after week takes tons of persistence on a consistent basis. You have to push your episodes beyond just social media.

In fact, find five ways ahead of social media – be different and get different results.

Secret 3

Do it yourselfers lose out in the podcast audience sweepstakes. The sad reality is that when you are a one man or woman show? You best be ready to work hard. When you wear all the hats in the podcast game you lose out on more of the creativity on show content. Why? Because booking, recording, editing and publishing takes work.

Bonus Secret - The bulk of the podcasts in the top 200 have a team who helps them with everything. Second, the new podcasts that find their way in the top 100 in a real quick fashion are typically hosted by someone famous. That means they have a previous following from somewhere else (social media, etc.) that they are able to bring over to the podcast.

Picture of do not enter sign

Secret 4

When you here free in the podcast space, turn around and go the other way. Sure, there are some free months when you start if you buy the right package but, in the end, it costs money to keep your podcast going.

Secret 5

It will take you several episodes to find your voice. For us mere mortals, it takes time. Lots of time it in fact. Time to find your cadence, your format, you style and time to understand where you fit in the grand scheme of podcasting as it relates to what you are trying to get out of it. I would suggest you probably need 50 or so episodes under your bet before you have some confidence of your podcast future.

Secret 6

If you post each of your episodes on social media you will get a million downloads. Don’t me get me wrong, anything is possible, but unless you are interviewing the ghost of Elvis or a serial murderer, peeps don’t move at the speed you want them to. Look at it from the other side, how many times when you are on Facebook do you see a podcast and say shit, I need to go listen to that right now?

Only if it's extremely unique (like the ghost of Elvis or a serial murder).

Someone pretending to be Elvis

I can give you these honest assessments because I have lived it for the last 18 months. I closed out my last podcast at over 100 episode