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How to Create a YouTube Channel

If there is one thing that I see over and over again with businesses, it is a lack of using YouTube. I see cases where a YouTube Channel has been created and nothing done it for several months if not years and simply no YouTube presence at all. Why? My most common answer is that it isn't doing much for us. My most common response is because you aren't using it right or don't even have it set up!

Don't get me wrong, I know it’s hard enough for businesses to find clients, fill staffing needs and turn a profit. But still, you have to find ways to incorporate things like this into your business digital marketing strategy. YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly users. 54% are male, which means 46% are female. Translation, your future audience and/or client is hanging out there.

Visitors spend an average of 19 minutes a day using YouTube and 62% use it on a daily basis. Perhaps even more mind blowing is that an estimated 690,000 hours of video are streamed on YouTube each minute. I comparison, Netflix streams roughly 452,000 hours of video per minute (data courtesy of Hootsuite). Translation, your future audience and/or client is hanging out there.

Typically, what I like to try to do is break these things down in to simple steps so you can find the time. In this case however, I went ahead and created a video that you can watch. After you watch it, I strongly encourage you to create your channel and remember that you can use a tool like vidIQ to help you improve your video seo so more people view what you create.

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