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Failure – The New Success

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, under what logic are you going to make your case for this? To be honest, the logic is all my own, wrapped up in my backwards thinking creativity.

Or you could say, through the vision of my own personal failure which has helped me find my direction, and ultimately my path that I know will lead me to the promise land.

Have you ever heard the expression “failing miserably”? I have lived that over and over several times in my life, doing several different things. How many times have you heard this one though “Creative Failing”?

I hadn’t until I recently was writing down what I could write about as it pertains to trying to become a digital entrepreneur. It popped in my head, to my hand, to the whiteboard I was writing down my ideas on and now to this.

Initially I was going to erase it but then it started to take on a larger meaning for myself. The concept at its core means this to me, be as creative as you can, try to help others, make some money along the way and know that you may fail numerous times before you get a win. If what you create fails, don’t get down, just keep pushing and before you know it, you will break through.

Have you ever watched the documentary on the music group “The Eagles”? One of the great rock bands of all time, and I highly encourage you to watch it if you have not seen it. There is a part in the beginning of the documentary where former band member and leader Glenn Fry (RIP), is talking about the song writing process he learned from Bob Seger.

I am paraphrasing here so don’t prosecute me to the plagiarism high court. Essentially, the statement he made was that writing songs is hard. You just have to keep writing and before you know it, you are going to write a hit. I thought God damn that is the realest and truest thing ever.

I mean think about it, you could write a hundred songs that failed miserably, but that 101st could be a hit (a big hit for that matter) and make those 100 failures the greatest creative failures of all time.

Honestly, very rarely do you get that 101st song on the first try and sometimes it may take you until the 201st try. Either way, you don’t accomplish that without all those failures that are, you guessed it, creative failures.

Think about it, in those failures you get valuable self-esteem building lessons, opportunities, ideas, learned experiences, what works, what doesn’t work, how to work smarter, creative explosions and most importantly, a will to just not give the fuck in. Is that you? Can it be you? Do you have the intestinal fortitude to make it so bad at something that you are willing to go through that?

I believe I am now but I wasn’t always like that. I would give in, stop trying, not even try, not live up to my potential and the list goes on. To be honest, my life has cruised through spurts where I was achieving and then was losing and more importantly, not continuing.

But then I realized something. The only way to be successful is to have an appreciation for what you have failed at.


It isn’t always easy to do because past failures can be hard for many people to get over. The ability to let things go is an art all to itself and something that can take some practice.

But when you hear your “Eagles” statement, things will begin to make sense. Instead of looking behind your back to find a failure you can dwell on, you will look further down the road with the clearest vision you have ever had.

So, I bring you back to the title of this blog “Creative Failure – The New Success” to help you fully grasp what my meaning is and how you can implement it. At this point in your journey, you have established that you are a creative force.

What you need to add to your tool set is the ability to look past what you create that doesn’t resonate. In most cases, it is going to happen time and time again.