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6 Social Media Marketing Tips For Businesses

Have you figured out how Social Media is helping your business yet? Honestly, after reviewing my fair share of social media accounts for businesses, there are some easy wins that aren't be applied. Here are 10 tips to keep you on the front end of your industry and kick your competitions ass in the social media game. The game by the way, is to drive people to your website and get sales.

Have a Strategy

Even if it is to just add 50 new followers a month. You have to have to have a goal that you are trying to achieve. You would be surprised how many businesses dont' have a social media strategy, let alone a digital marketing strategy.

Branding? Education? Tips? Services? Products? Find one or all and build a digital strategy around it.


Don't let the word scare you. Simply go back and look at your posts over the last 12 to 18 months and make some notes on what did the best and what didn't work. Course correct and capitalize what did well (or at least try).

Social Media Platforms

How many are you using? Are you using them strategically? You have to figure that out and what I always suggest if your not sure what you should or shouldn't use, is to look at your competition. Find a common area and go for it.

One of the things I hear from experts is that you should just pick one platform and focus on that one. I used to agree with that but now I don't. More platforms (with a good strategy and careful tactics) can speed up your interaction and grow your brand.


Come up with a posting schedule that makes sense and stick to it. One a day, Monday through Friday or get bold and do two a day, Monday through Friday. I don't care what anyone says, when you post creative stuff, people will look at it all day long.

Need a schedule? Contact us - RWest Consulting

Include Your Employees

When I see businesses incorporating there employees into the posts, they almost always get good engagement (including sharing). Peoplel like to see themselves so build a strategy that does that and use it on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis. When you can get employees to share, you have it going in the right direction.

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