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5 Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

Before I breakdown what I believe can help you be successful, I want to ask you what your current digital marketing strategy is? If don’t know or don’t have one, that’s okay we can hopefully help you below. If you do currently have one, see if what we lay out below can be added in or bolted to what you are currently doing.

I must confess, I am a fan of keeping this stuff easy and efficient. The simple fact is that digital marketing as a whole can get way to technical and flat out overwhelming. Perhaps that is why there are still several businesses, corporations, associations, councils and entrepreneurs who don’t have a strategy.

What I layout below isn’t brain surgery (I have had that and feel comfortable say it) and it may even seem a little to simple. That is what I am going for. That is what you should go for and that is what RWest Consulting can help you achieve. These five tips are things I have learned the hard way over the last few years.

Tip 1 – Content Type

This is where it all begins and where it ends for many. The reality is that many businesses and entrepreneurs give up on this or don’t even get started. This one is a grind and can be frustrating like when you post a masterpiece and get one like or one view or one read.

Let it go and instead use what doesn’t get traction as lesson to try and avoid the next time. The real secret with content is developing a flow that works and is diversified. Find a combination of all or some of these:

· Create Images

· How to Videos

· Highlight Videos

· Animated Videos

· Podcast Episodes

· Live Announcements

· Videos That Tell Your Business Story

· Blogs and/or Vlogs

We suggest to pick no less then two of these so you have some variety in what you are releasing. The same thing tires and can run your audience off. One bonus tip on this one, write two blogs a week for a year and before you know it you have 104 pieces of content that others don’t.

Tip 2 – Social Media and Posting Schedule

This tip gets a whole lot easier when you have tip one locked down. I also have found that this tip is the least followed with a strategy. If you are a serious about what you offer, want more clients and ultimately want to make money, then you should post to your social platforms of choice on a regular basis.

If anything, at least do one a day, Monday through Friday. Write out a schedule using excel gives you a playbook to follow. By the way, as you’re picking your social media platforms, don’t forget to add in Google Business. That is not used nearly enough by business and can help you standout. Here is an example of what I do:

· Monday/Wednesday/Friday – Animated Videos (FB, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn)

· Tuesday/Thursday – One Minute Affiliate Tip (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Insta,

TikTok & YouTube

I try to put as much detail into my schedule as possible because it makes things easier down the road. I also try to have coverage on all my channels. Don’t over think this one but also don’t overlook the work you need to put into it.

Tip 3 – Search Engine Optimization - SEO Research

Yes, the dreaded SEO input for me. Whether we like it or not, SEO and research has to be a major piece (if not the center piece) for your digital marketing strategy. Without going all Google jackass on you, just try to find a few wins in the SEO marathon that can keep you heading in the right direction. These are the five that I practice:

· Keyword Research

· Page Loading Speed

· Link Building

· Page Titles

· Add More Text to Your Website

Nothing to radical here but all things that can help you start to master the SEO monster. By the way, tips one and two from above are both SEO tactics you technically have seven all together and so many of these aren’t being done by your competition.