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2 Easy Ways to Create a Podcast Logo

Ready to launch your first or even 10th podcast but not sure how you will create the art that people will find when they find your episode? Been there done that, and let me tell you, it doesn't have to be hard. When I launched my first podcast, I spent way too much time trying to figure out where and how to get a logo. Over time I have found that that when you keep these things simple, you can focus more on the content of the show.

I think there is a misconception out there that your podcast logo has to be the most unbelievable thing around. Don't get me wrong, something appealing to the eyes may draw in some new listeners but they won't stay long if the episode content sucks. So, try to move quickly through this step as there are more important things to focus on with your podcast.

Hire It Done

This is probably what most people initially think they should or need to do. I would suggest that you only need to really hire it done when you are going way over the top with a logo. I this case, hiring a graphic artist may be your best. I would suggest using the platform Fiverr as they tailor to things like this.


The tool Canva can help everyone else and it's a good thing. This tool is awesome and I have talked about a lot lately. Canva allows you to mock up a podcast logo using one of their templates. From there it's just a matter of adjusting it so you like and getting your size right. I believe Apple Podcasts require at least a 1500 but 1500 size and Canva can take care of all of that for you.

Trust me when I tell you that 99% of new podcasters can and should use this tool. It will make your podcasting journey a whole lot easier.

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