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10 Reasons To Use Animated Videos

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Becoming a digital entrepreneur is probably the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. I should tell you as well that I am a brain tumor survivor and have the disease Acromegaly. Both of which have come with their own ups and downs and before jumping into the digital entrepreneurial world with no training, I didn't think there was anything more exhausting.

Turns out, I was wrong and wrong in a big way. As exhausting as keeping my own health under control is, cracking the digital entrepreneurial world as a "success" who makes a profit on a regular basis has been twice as hard. To be blunt, it is a day-to-day grind and finding your niche is the key remedy.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I have found that niche in creating animated videos for business and in doing so have discovered how valuable they can be. Below are 10 reasons why your business should use animated videos:

Explain What You Do

This is probably the biggest thing that business have trouble doing and it is not from a lack of trying. Some businesses do so much that it is difficult to encompass everything where most just haven't found the right footing to do so.

Animated videos explaining what your business does captures views because of the animation component. As humans, we are comfortable with animation from an early age and we understand things in this form.

Expand Your Brand

This one may sound like a simple explanation but I want you to think of 5 known brands off the top of your head from any industry. Why did those come to mind? Most likely, those 5 started from an idea and grew through brand recognition over time. Expanding your brand only works when you do it. Animated video can help you do that.

Promote Your Products

If you offer one product or 1,000 products, animated videos are a great way to help you put that product in front of more eyes.

Celebrate Your Staff

When you achieve this one you also potentially draw in more people who want to work for you. In today's ever-changing workforce, that is absolutely a good thing to have in your back pocket. More importantly, your current employees feel valued and when you animate it, they will share it. Animated videos get shared more, which means more eyes on your brand!

Highlight Your Services

As a business who offers a service himself, I can tell you firsthand that animated videos help you sell what you offer better than anything else out there (except word of mouth).

Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without getting to SEO technical, animated videos provide content that can be attached to your website in the form of videos or even attached to blog posts. That equals a potentially more improved SEO score down the road. In short, animated video can help your website attract more organic traffic.

Social Media Buzz

Keeping up with consistent social media posts can be tough and I have done a lot of research on what businesses are doing. I should say, are not doing. The reality is that most businesses are not using social media on a daily (or weekly) basis. In many cases that is because there is not enough created content.

A few animated videos per month may be all you need and can help create buzz for the next post. Especially if you create a brand character.

Gain New Followers

This one may seem like it should be part of "Social Media Buzz" and you would be right and businesses need to understand the power of new followers. They can become paying customers down the road and they are more likely to follow a great animated video post than anything else.

Why? Because people (even strangers to your business) are familiar with animated video and understand it.

Set Your Business Apart

Simply put, there aren't enough businesses using animated video and it can set your business apart quickly.

Acquire More Clients

Everything we have listed can and should lead to more paying clients. Can you imagine if you had a problem where you couldn't take on new clients because you had to many already? Animated video can be a tool to help you get to that point!

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