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Welcome to RWest Consulting. We create, design and build websites for entrepreneurs and businesses. We use the website platform WiX to build and manage the sites as they offer a very fluid and robust set of tools. We won't bore you with all the stats on why you need a website, rather, we will tell you that you are most likely losing out on clients and/or customers. The reality is that people just have a habit of looking for a website to make a buying decision. We often hear that "we only work from word of mouth". That is fantastic and let's highlight all of those successes on a website so you can get even more word-of-mouth wins.

The service we offer not only makes the process easy but also efficient and effective. In most cases, we will have your website up and running in under a week (sometimes just a few days) and we can even have your website up in one day if necessary. The number one goal with your website is to show up in search results and ideally, at the top of the list. What that means is that your website needs to have the proper search engine optimization (SEO) attached to it.

In addition to building and managing your website, we can also manage your Facebook Page. A great website should work hand-in-hand with your Facebook Page and if you don't have a page, we can handle that for you. That includes setting up, posting and even running digital ads for you. All of which could be further down the road for you but certainly part of the package we offer. 


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Landscaping Website


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